There is a story about the Red Indians living off the land in the prairies and plains of the United States of America. This was a very challenging time. The land had suffered from drought for a long period and the tribes were suffering as a result of the lack of water, lack of vegetation and lack of food.

Across the land and in this time of desperation the legend grew of the tribe that would dance and make it rain.

The other tribes set the goal to make it rain and would try, but would fail. Some would dance for several minutes but stop with no success, others would dance for hours and some tribes would even dance for days on end with the same result. They would all give up disheartened and just as dry as when they started.

A decison was made to track down this legendary tribe and find the secret to their success. So the chiefs from all the tribes took off in search of this one tribe. When they found the tribe, they sat at the feet of its chief and pleaded; “Oh great chief, we have tried to make it rain, we are suffering, we need your help. How can you make it rain? What is your secret?”

“There is no secret. Our method is simple – WE DANCE UNTIL IT RAINS”

–Vic Johnson, “Day By Day With James Allen”

So, the real question becomes, can you really fail if you never quit?

And what would you do differently if you know you could not fail?

A lot of people quit as soon as they hit the first bump on the road, I hope this story can help you in building your business or your worthwile cause.

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