Article below is adapted from “Why People Struggle To Get What They Want” by Yaro Starak

A very successful broker said this:

The challenge when running a business is not completing the 80% of tasks you do enjoy, it’s waking up and getting the job done for the 20% of things that you don’t enjoy, which have to be done, which separates the successful from the not.

Taking action when you just don’t feel like it is hard. Finding a way to transform the task from something you hate to something you enjoy because it helps you experience a result you want (thus the emotional gratification that comes with it), is the trick. You need to restructure your conditioned response to the task, to anchor it to a desirable emotion that helps motivate you to get it done.

Although people who fail to achieve their business goals are quick to blame the system or the market or the niche or the business model or countless other things, in all cases I believe it stems from issues of mindset.

The reality is that all the things that might be wrong with a business that could stop it from succeeding are changeable. It’s the people who are making the decisions and taking action (or perhaps NOT taking action), that lead to the result.

You need to ask yourself a question and be really honest about the answer:

Have you ever committed to one specific goal, which you are clear about how to achieve (you either know how to do it or know what education you need to learn how to do it), and then stuck with it for a long time, adjusting as you need to?

Have you ever really done all the tasks that are supposed to lead to the result?

Sadly most people know what to do, they just don’t do it. The reason is a lack of belief and confidence. That stems from ambiguity of purpose. If you know what you really want, and that desire is based on passion, and you can chunk that outcome into steps and you’re willing to change when things aren’t working, you have the necessary ingredients.

If you anchor passion to daily activities that lead to a goal, you can’t help but do it. It actually causes you pain and frustration if you don’t. That’s the kind of motivation that leads to outcomes.

If you don’t inherently feel a connection to what I am saying now, then you need to have a good hard look at what you are doing and why you are doing it. Ask yourself those questions above, and see if you are truly committed on all levels to your goals.

Ask yourself this question:
What is the emotional drive behind your actions?

I wish you success!

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