As I started my quest in search of Yes,
I soon found myself rejected by no.
Little did I realize that was the best,
That no was there for me to grow.
I learned not to take no personally,
Even though to me it never felt good.
I discovered that no really strengthened me,
The only thing going that actually would.
I kept pressing on in spite of it all,
And eventually the yeses they came.
I kept pressing on in spite of it all,
And I’ve never been just quite the same.
I grew and overcame my fears alright,
Of others not choosing to join the quest.
I knew that as long as I kept going bright,
I’d surely in time find only the best.
So never give up as you follow your dream,
No matter how hard it may oftentimes seem.
For it never quite matters how many resist,
The victory goes only to those who persist.
Yes, noes are for you to prosper and grow,
As you move on to what you are after.
The yeses will come and you surely will know,
They are what count the most ever after.
If only I’d know earlier to go and seek no,
I would have grown fster and sooner got yes.
So now that I’m sure of the power of no,
I’m getting more yeses and untold success.
— The Editors at Possibility Press


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