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Do you have unfulfilled aspirations?  Is motivation a myth to you?  Instead of just wishing, how about putting down some goals and put a date to it.  Research says that the 98% of the  people who achieved their goal first wrote down their goal, and then consistently worked on it. 

A goal keeps us focused on what we want, and it is like a guide in our life and in getting what you want.  Write down your goal and look at it often.  I normally do that when I feel lazy.  If I can’t get motivated after looking at the goal, then I will read it and visualize it.  When I visualize it, it feels ‘real’ and I can get my motivation juice moving again.

But first thing first, write down your goal if you haven’t done so, universe has a unique way to granting your wish if you want it bad enough and willing to work on it.


“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:
Decide what you want.”

— Ben Stein


There is another one that is similar to this quote,  urging you to TAKE ACTION, and do not stay where you are


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to
decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

— John Pierpont Morgan


So what if you have goal but can’t get the motivation to act on it?

I’ve read and heard a lot about  Setting Goals and Taking Action too, and I tend to believe that I am ‘self-motivated’…or am I?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself motivated when things are not going along smoothly or don’t move the same way that you are moving.  So I talk to myself a lot; if I have setback, I tell myself that these are all temporary, and the best way out is through it.  Self-talk works for me, if you haven’t tried it, give it a go, just don’t do it loud it public ;-).

Another tricks on what to do if you motivation is like a deflated balloon, try positive affirmation. 

One friend of mine actually said “do you actually believe in those things?”, I just smiled, I don’t have to argue or debate with anyone.  If it works for me, it works.  If he thinks I am crazy, be it.  So no matter what critics say about ‘those fake positive thingy’, I firmly believe that affirmation can help.  Even if it doesn’t, it is definitely better than indulging in negativity or self-doubt.  I would like to share the video below about positive affirmation.



I hope you are more inspired after watching the video ;-), or at least slightly better than before. 


How about we close the post with another quote:

“Make a decision to be successful right now. Most people never decide to be wealthy and that is why they retire poor.”

— Brian Tracy


What do you think about this post and positive affirmation?  Please leave me a comment below.


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