“Do you turn LEFT when nothing is RIGHT, or do you turn RIGHT when nothing is LEFT”?

Some said since life is not going RIGHT, then choose LEFT
Some said choose LEFT, maybe…or ya maybe…you can make it RIGHT
Some said choose RIGHT because the decision is always RIGHT

What do you say?


I said neither….

You can choose the outcome, you can change the situation and make it RIGHT
we don’t have to be dictated by the circumstances and succumb to the pressure, be it from your peers, family or community….

or do you say “let me ask my friends”? Well if they are the expert, I mean real expert as in successful in that particular field which you are seeking advice, then that is fine.  More often than not, you get some “amateurish advice”, and if you do take those advice, then you can only be as successful as the person who gave you the advice….

Don’t ever fret about the decision you made, with any mistakes about that decision, learn to avoid the mistake and make necessary “adjustment”, and move on, and on…and yes you can make it RIGHT

with this, I want to end here with another quote:

“You don’t have to make the RIGHT decision, you just have to make the decision RIGHT”

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